Here are some questions for you…

August 1, 2021

Here Are Some Questions For You…

Is it important to have the daily task of filling the birdbath, topping off the nectar feeder, or checking the fledglings in the bluebird box? Do you sit on your porch in the evening in the hope of seeing the fleeting visit from a hummingbird? Do you have your morning coffee in full view of a feeder with colorful cardinals?
If you are like me I think it’s because we need the connection. We need the renewal. We are delighted to witness the creation all around us. We de-stress, we breathe deeper, tension leaves our shoulders and we smile.
Every day Terra Depot customers share this joy. They show me pictures of the colorful finches crowding the nyjer feeder, beautiful gardens in full flower, the hand-made feeding stations, and tell the stories of the crazy squirrels or marauding raccoons. All with a smile.
I am almost brought to tears as a customer tells me that the feeder they just installed outside the nursing home window of his ailing brother-in-law attracts fawn triplets almost daily and brings droves of bird activity. It brings peace to the family.
I hear the excitement as a young boy describes his first attempt to garden, a grandparent’s joy in teaching their grandkids how to fill a feeder, or how to identify the songbird in the backyard. It does my heart good to hear these stories and it makes me happy.
I hope your heart is happy, I hope we lift each other up and show our gratitude. I hope you love nature as much as I do.

Keeping Feeders and Birdbaths Clean

Deep cleaning birdfeeders and birdbaths is recommended – during hot humid weather or at the change of a season. It’s easy to do!

  • Take the feeder down, disassemble as best you can.
  • Scrape the caked yucky stuff out of the corners.
  • Wash the parts inside and out with hot soapy water and elbow grease.
  • A sanitizing step is recommended next. Make a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part of standard household bleach. The solution can be sprayed on or the feeder can be dipped.
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow the feeder or birdbath basin to dry completely before refilling.

Labor Day Tent Sale

Join us Friday, Saturday, or Sunday during the upcoming Labor Day weekend. We will have a sale tent set up in our parking lot. We will have merchandise, vintage and antique collectibles for sale. Let’s hope for lovely weather and a great start to the fall season.

Custom Concrete

Our statuary, stones, planters, and benches make great gifts. The pieces will stand up to the year-round weather in the garden. Did I mention that our statuary is sourced from a family business right here in Ohio? Plan ahead for holiday gift-giving!

Here are some photographs of our custom finished concrete statuary. Painted to withstand many years guarding your front porch, accenting your garden, or memorializing your pet. We have a superb selection of classic garden statuary, dogs, cats, lions, tigers and bears, and, oh my…..even bigfoot!

Terra Depot Seed

Seed pricing is all over the place right now. Planting conditions too wet, growing conditions too hot; less acreage planted, cost of production higher…. the list is long.

Get the best value you can by selecting the best seed from Terra Depot. You can be assured of the highest quality clean seed. Our blends have no filler seed that just gets wasted. The majority of the high-quality sunflower and safflower seed is grown in the upper Midwest, peanuts from the Carolinas and Georgia, and our corn products are sourced here in Ohio.

We will keep our fingers crossed for good harvest weather and good yields to help stabilize pricing.

Use our seed buying loyalty program to help save 5% on your purchases.