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    Megan Shoenfelt, owner and operator of Terra Depot, loves hiking, playing outdoors, watching birds, making plaster casts of raccoon prints in the mud, and gardening. These hobbies lead to her career in environmental work and agriculture. Opening Terra Depot was the perfect retirement business for Megan. Thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words of support!

    The depot building dates back to the 1880s, part of the B&O line between Mineral City and Cleveland, Ohio. Back then these little crossroad depots functioned both for the traveler and freight delivery. We hear interesting stories about the good old days, some have even mentioned some notorious gangsters passing through. As you walk along the worn pine floors and look at the heavy coverings over the freight doors you can imagine the olden days, you may even catch a whiff of cigar smoke. Restoration of the depot was done in 2000 and allows us, today, to create the most inviting and unique nature specialty shop.