Bird Feeders and Supplies

Terra Depot has an amazing selection of accessories to create your own backyard nature sanctuary.

Our Products

  • Feeders

    With hundreds of feeders of all shapes and sizes, hanging hooks and pole systems, baffles, and weather shields, you can make the perfect habitat for all sorts of wildlife. We also have specialty nectars and feeders for hummingbirds and orioles.

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  • Suet and Suet Feeders

    Select just the right suet, seed cake, and feeder to provide the little songbirds and colorful woodpeckers with the nutritious high energy food so important during nesting season and cold weather.

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  • Bird Houses

    House, houses, and more houses - from handmade cedar Bluebird boxes for the serious observer, specialty houses for bats, owls, and wrens to whimsical roosting pockets. Terra Depot will surprise you with our selection!

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    blue bird house
  • Squirrel Baffles

    Have some clever squirrels at your feeder? Terra Depot has a selection of squirrel-proof feeders and baffles to keep them out. We also have specialty squirrel feeders to keep the amusement coming!

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    squirrel baffle
  • Bird Baths

    Ohio made birdbaths, floating solar fountains and seasonal heaters are always in stock.

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    heated bird bath
  • Concrete Statuary

    Concrete statuary personalizes your garden space. Place benches, plaques and stones to keep memories alive and recollect smiles. Ask us about custom finishes.

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