Native Plant Nursery

Terra Depot Native Plant Nursery

I get asked a lot of questions from my customers wanting advice about attracting more birds to their feeders. Their questions usually start out with “The feeders aren’t very busy” or “Where did our favorite songbirds go?” and “What’s going on?”

In 2019, a major study was published about the steep decline in songbird numbers over the past 50+ years. A staggering loss of billions of songbirds has now been documented. The loss of habitat was identified as the number one reason for the decline.

Can our yards become sanctuaries for year round and migratory species of songbirds? Can our yards become prime real estate for nesting songbirds? Can our yards be a safe and healthy haven for caterpillars, bugs, toads, frogs and bats?

The answer is Yes! We do this by becoming better stewards of nature and reintroducing real native plants back into our landscape. We need to create pathways for plants, insects and all of nature to expand their habitat so they can rebuild their numbers.

We are talking about bringing back the life at the very point where energy from the sun grows the vegetation that feeds the bugs. This is where the protein is created to feed the baby birds – 90% of the food needed for baby birds comes from the protein of caterpillars, flies, spiders, bugs and insect larvae! We do this by reconnecting the native plants with the very insect communities that have evolved together for millions of years.

This is why we have begun this next exciting phase of our business. Terra Depot Native Plant Nursery. We now grow and sell native perennials, shrubs and trees. From butterfly weed, asters and goldenrods to viburnums and willow, all are native to our region of NE Ohio. Our plants will help you bring back the key food source for our native butterflies, moths, pollinators and other insects, all vital to a healthy food chain and ecosystem.

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