Premium Seed

Terra Depot offers only the best seed to fill your feeders!

Harvested primarily in the US grain belt, our seed is clean and has been handled and stored to maintain our high standards.

Our seed mixes are tried and true, loaded with the favorites that keep the birds coming back. High-quality seed means no waste at the feeder and year-round enjoyment while keeping your back yard birds strong and healthy.

Our seed is available in a variety of bag sizes ranging from 5 pounds – 50 pounds. Depending on your seed selection your bag size will vary.

Learn About Our Seed

  • Cardinal Chickadee Mix

    An upscale seed blend with many of the hulls removed to make this a very palatable and a low mess mix. This delectable treat, loved by all backyard birds is made from black oil and striped sunflower and safflower seeds. Use a tube, hopper, or platform feeder.

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    Cardinal Chickadee Mix
  • House Blend Supreme Mix

    Chocked full of rich black oil and plump striped sunflower seed, safflower, peanut pieces, and white millet, our house blend is the go-to choice for all. A tube, hopper, or fly-through feeder will work great.

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    House Blend Seed
  • Song Bird Blend

    Attract real beauties to your feeder with this special blend of black oil sunflower and white millet. Wheat kernels and peanut pieces are added to the recipe. Ground feeders like juncos, doves, and song sparrows will also enjoy this crunchy mix. Well suited for tube, hopper, and platform feeder.

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    Song bird Seed
  • Wild Bird Blend

    Cracked yellow corn and black oil sunflower seed create an irresistible feast for all birds. Expect cardinals, titmice, finches, and nuthatches to flock to your feeder. Use a tube, hopper, or platform type feeder.

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    Wild Bird Seed
  • Critter Mix

    Squirrels, jays, even the neighborhood deer, and raccoon will be delighted to have their own special treat. Served up on a platform feeder, the critter mix combines whole kernel corn, peanuts in the shell along with black oil and striped sunflower seed.

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    Critter Mix
  • Finch Favorite

    Finches, nuthatches and all the small clinger birds enjoy our special blend of fresh nyjer and finely chipped sunflower hearts. Our blend is the right consistency to fill traditional “thistle” feeders.

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    Finch Favorite
  • Fruit, Nut, and Berry Medly

    A blend so delicious looking I’m tempted to try it myself! Loaded with dried raisins, cranberries, peanut pieces, and sunflower seeds, the medley will attract woodpeckers in addition to cardinals, jays, chickadees, and nuthatches. There is something for everyone! Fly-through, platform, or hopper feeders work well.

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    fruit nut and berry medley
  • Safflower Mix

    This beautiful white seed is loved by the birds but is not so loved by the squirrels. Great way to keep the birds happy and well-fed but discourage the squirrels, grackles, and starlings.

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    Safflower mix
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed

    All birds give the black oil sunflower seed high praise for being the best tasting and most nutritious treat at the feeder. We also offer the seed “hearts” with the hulls removed and also finely chipped to give you the most feeding options.

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    Black Oil Sunflower Seed
  • Nyjer Seed

    Loved by finches and the small clinging birds like nuthatches, nyjer seed is the tiny shiny black seed perfect for the small ports specific to finch feeders.

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    nyjer seed
  • Striped Sunflower Seed

    Striped sunflower seed is a bit larger, with a thicker shell making this a good choice to attract woodpeckers and larger birds to your feeder.

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    Striped Sunflower
  • Specialty Seed

    Terra Depot also offers other seeds, blends, and mixes to satisfy the pickiest feathered friends. We have: • Hot pepper blends, perfectly tasty for the birds but too hot for mammals (goodbye squirrels) • Corn – whole kernel, cracked or on the cob; • Peanut pieces or in the shell

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    Whole Kernel Corn