Outside feeder area

Creating Healthy Habitats

November 24, 2020
Wild birds need healthy habitats. Now is a perfect time to do pre-season planning to enhance the habitat in your yard and garden. Think about the basic needs of food, shelter, and water to make a natural and inviting environment.
Are you going to be planting flowers this spring? Select flower varieties that provide seeds and nectar. Choose native plants that will also attract pollinators. There are many variety recommendations for plants and trees to do double duty, make your yard look great while providing food and shelter.
Don’t be so quick to keep your yard too tidy. A brush pile, keeping standing dead wood along a fence row, or allowing perennial flowers stems to stay put so birds have year-round access to seeds and nesting cavities creates a natural environment for the birds and bugs. They need each other!
Birds need places to land while they check out the safety of feeding and nesting areas. Birds need to be safe from overhead birds of prey as well as the patrolling neighborhood cat.  Deciduous and evergreen shrubs provide the cover they need.
Add a birdbath, fountain, or misting spray to your garden to enhance the habitat. Moving water will attract birds and pollinators. Keep them full and clean!
Stop into Terra Depot! We will be glad to chat about your garden design ideas, how to create a natural habitat, and to set up a feeding station to delight you and your feathered friends for years to come.