Fall Newsletter 2023

September 7, 2023

Fall Native Plant Special

BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE — (one for you – one for the birds)

Our first year of the Terra Depot Native Plant Nursery has been so successful — many thanks to all of you who made it possible.
As temperatures cool down and there is more moisture in the ground, Fall is the perfect time to plant –by next Spring, your efforts can bring a colorful and vibrant patch of native plants –for you to enjoy and critically important for our songbirds.
There are so many benefits when native plants are reintroduced into our yards. Natural habitats for all sorts of wildlife can be restored. By planting the important keystone perennials, shrubs and trees with their nectar-filled blossoms and protein-loaded seeds — pollinators, butterflies, and songbirds have a much better chance to thrive.
Native plants provide safe cover, a plentiful supply of fruit and seeds, but most importantly, these native plants host a multitude of bugs and insects to feed nestling baby birds. These plants are the starting point of the food web.
We have a good selection of several types of oaks – white, bur, and chinkapin; river birch, paw-paw, serviceberry, and hazelnut trees; fall-blooming beauties such as milkweeds, asters, and goldenrod; spring flowering viburnums, buttonbush, and chokecherry shrubs. Picture the beauty and the benefits.
Terra Depot Delivers Seed to your Doorstep
We really do — we deliver any of our products to the North Canton, Canton, and Massillon area every Wednesday afternoon! It’s the easiest way to get our incredibly delicious wild bird seed delivered right to your door. All you need to do is call the shop 330-417-6257. We will process the order over the phone. That is all there is to it! Phone in your order and we deliver — rain or shine!! Deliveries over $100.00 are free!
This has been a good year for seed production so our prices reflect some welcomed price reductions. We always have a great selection of the tried and true blends and mixes with bag sizes ranging from 5lbs up to 50lbs.
Fall Feeder Clean – up!
Dig out the feeders, disassemble as best you can; clean out any gunk in the corners, add a little dish soap and warm water to clean, rinse and dry (really dry!), then reassemble and fill with the best of the best fresh wild seed from Terra Depot. Disinfecting really isn’t necessary, nothing beats a little sudsy elbow grease. If you have a feeder that may need a bit of repair or replacement parts, get in touch — I bet we can help.
Concrete Painting Workshop Scheduled for October 28, 2023
Make your own masterpiece, create a customized holiday gift, or just come hang out! We have all the supplies to make your concrete statuary come to life. Call the shop, at 330-417-6257, to register for the workshop. The workshop fee is $45.00 for first-timers, $30.00 for returning artists! All you need to do is purchase your concrete piece from Terra Depot and we will teach you our technique and have a lot of fun. And as always — we will have refreshments. The workshop starts at 9 am and plan to stay till noonish.
Raspberry Heaven
The next two months are really the peak of our raspberry production. We harvest 7 varieties of heirloom red raspberries, picked fresh right in our high tunnel greenhouse. It is a unique way of growing the berries. The plastic-covered high tunnel creates a controlled environment so the berries get a head start in the spring and stay in production later in the fall. You are welcome to take a close look. On any given day there are several varieties ripe for the tasting!
We sell the fresh berries in 1/2 pint clamshells. Please contact us if you are interested in bulk quantities for your own creative food adventures.
We make many, many, many batches of seeded and seedless hand-crafted red raspberry jam. Our recipe allows us to focus on the real flavor of the berries and reduce the sugar content. Absolutely delicious on toast, English muffins, or as a cookie filling.
The Terra Depot jam makes a great housewarming or holiday gift.