Holiday Newsletter

November 21, 2023

Holiday Gift Giving

Black Friday refers to the shopping crush day after Thanksgiving — crowds and chaos.

Holiday shopping at Terra Depot won’t be like that. We are a bit different.

Terra Depot has a mission to provide meaningful education, encourage habitat restoration and environmental stewardship for our nature loving customers. We provide quality merchandise, supplies, and native plants, so our back yard and public spaces can be teeming with life. And of course, we have fresh and clean wild bird seed blends and suets, giving our songbirds the best chance to thrive.

We are suggesting that we all unplug and reconnect over the holidays by discovering peaceful pursuits – outside, in the fresh air, and make our own safe haven for friends, family and nature. Sharing gifts this Christmas season should reflect these values.

Everyday shopping at Terra Depot is calm and relaxing, everyday we fairly price our quality merchandise, give a sincere greeting, and offer the best advice we can. We know and appreciate all of our loyal customers! We have such a great selection of gifts and stocking stuffers. Feeders, baffles and pole systems for every type of back yard set up. Bird houses – felted wool, woven fiber, cedar, gourds, fancy or plain. Need a special wren house or a serious bluebird nesting box? We even have bat houses and owl nesting boxes.

To make holiday shopping as stress-free as possible, we will have the coffee on, fresh baked goodies to share and drawings, markdowns, and specials just to make it more pleasant.

This holiday season let’s stick to what’s important by showing our love and appreciation to our families, friends and communities. Find joy by reconnecting with nature and share the experience with those around us. Let’s all pray for peace and grateful hearts.

Expanded Holiday Hours

Day after Thanksgiving through Christmas

Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Thursday and Friday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Who said GO BIG or GO HOME?

How ’bout GO BIG at Terra Depot’s New HOME?!

We are gonna’ do just that! We are building a new shop, right in front of our greenhouses! The foundation is being prepared as you read this! We will be ready by spring with more room to shop and more room to display all our cool merchandise. The new shop will have much easier access for everyone to enjoy shopping at Terra Depot.

Our pretty basement will return to our raspberry prep area as well as be a great meeting space for workshops and speakers. We also have other fun events planned, so please stay tuned as this exciting project unfolds!

Give the Gift to Introduce a Kid to the Joy of Birding

A small feeder, a starter bag of our delicious House Blend Supreme wild bird mix and a laminated guide book of Ohio songbirds may be the perfect gift to engage your kids or grandkids into this lifelong hobby. How about adding their own hardbound book of Doug Tallamy’s Nature’s Best Hope, an inspirational account of the tremendous benefits to nature by planting native plants in our landscapes?

It may be a slippery slope – next thing you know, they will want to take a hike with you to bird watch along the tow path. Who knows what you will find!

Take along a magnifying glass and soon you will need high powered binoculars to get a close up look at bugs or birds, Soon you will need a new pole to hang an even bigger feeder. And you know the best part – its real, its outdoors and, with the exception of a winter bird bath heater – NOTHING needs to be plugged in!! It can bring pure joy and is a gift that will last a lifetime.

We have all types of feeders, for all types of seed blends in a great price range. Each feeder purchase comes with a one pound sample of our exclusive House Blend Supreme mix.


Seed prices have been reduced again, WHAT? Really! The prices have darn near returned to pre-covid levels. GET FEEDING!